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Lolita Blog Carnival: Your Style Outside Lolita

College Class Outfit
I’m so happy! This week the topic is one I suggested! Awesome. Anyway… How do I dress outside Lolita?
I’m a college freshman. I basically roll out of bed at about 10am every morning and throw on something comfy to wear to class. What does that entail? I like to have interesting graphic patterns and such on all my clothes. So I like to wear colorful/patterned jeans, cuddly jackets, eye-catching shirts, soft flats, and carry around a graphic tote with ipad and planner. (Fun fact- I actually have literally all the clothes pictured here! And the tote! I just had to find similar jewelry to my usual deal.)
How do you dress outside lolita? I’m generally pretty lazy compared to the rest of you lovely ladies. :)

A Quick Update About What’s Coming Up!

I’m currently planning a lot of really exciting things for this blog (which I am also planning to post to more!) including:

1. A “Building My Wardrobe” series about creating my own lolita wardrobe. What works for me and what might for you too.
2. Actually keeping an updated “Closet” page for my reference and the curiosity of others.
3. More fashion/theme related posts, as well as shopping tips.
4. A give-a-way!

I’m really excited to actually give this blog a fighting chance and update it. I actually somehow have a bit more free time in college!

If you have any suggestions/questions/comments about any of this feel free to comment on this post or send me an email. (leatherlaceandarsenic@gmail.com)

I admit it…

I’m really bad at posting here haha. So I’ll just make a quick update on a few things…

I got a really lovely Innocent World dress in the mail (Harmonia OP Short Length in black). Its beautiful and gorgeous and wonderful and everything I would expect from Innocent World. Unfortunately, despite the fact that it fits, the arms are placed in a way that my shoulders and breasts cannot exist simultaneously. I should have been expecting something like this, but I guess I was being optimistic. I realize its not well looked upon to alter brand, but its not  a big-name OP anyway so I don’t feel like it will be a problem to get the arms placed in a better fashion. (It also gives me a chance to make it slightly longer in the bodice, since it hits about 2 inches above my natural waist and looks a tad awkward.) I guess its the trials and tribulations of being an abnormally tall AND plus sized lolita? Ugh.

Secondly, I realize that my wishlist photos have derped (my bad, should have saved them), so I’ll get those fixed soon. I’ll also start adding clothes to My Closet.

Lastly, I think I’ll be selling some things soon, and if I do, I’ll post a link here. Thanks for reading, whoever you are. :)